City of Canyon Comprehensive Plan

As communities grow and evolve their needs and desires inevitably do the same. In Canyon, it is time to update the City's previous Comprehensive Plan from 1996. The 2018 Comprehensive Plan is the result of a 12-month planning process that included research and analysis, visioning, public engagement, and guidance by a diverse steering committee of community stakeholders. This Plan contains updated goals, strategies and actions as well as revisions to the community vision and Future Land Use Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan presents a 10 to 20-year strategy for protecting Canyon's way of life, while anticipating new demands on the City's resources. This document is written for everyday citizens and property owners to make decisions regarding their property, as well as for City leaders and staff to make community-wide decisions reflecting the interests and capital improvements for the City.

A draft copy of the City of Canyon Comprehensive Plan (PDF) has been presented to the City Commission for their review.  You can read the proposed plan at the City of Canyon Comprehensive Plan (PDF) link provided.  The City Commission will be reviewing the Comprehensive Plan in public meetings in the near future.  You have the opportunity to voice your opinion at the public meetings as they are scheduled. The meetings are posted on the City website calendar.